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Sibel is a Peruvian American mixed media artist who graduated from Parsons: The New School for Photography and Fine Art.  The use and combination of mediums show Sibel’s ongoing creative state of flux.


Her one of a kind technique allows the movement of materials and methods to be manipulated, giving each piece the ability to transpire into original artistic imagery. Inspired by the artists of the past and influenced by time, culture, politics, philosophy and poetry; her passion is to challenge and focus on the idea of “beauty" in all of its forms.

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An avid writer from the age of 11, Sasha (xxsp) has been using poetry as a medium for her emotions. Her words are intended to paint a picture of raw feelings that connect the reader to profound visuals.


Sasha’s poetry intentionally evokes visceral responses to the human experience of love, lust, heartbreak and her perception of society. Music serves as a catalyst to her rhythmic line structure—creating delicate flow and melody in every verse she writes.